The Ramblers

Early Ramblers photo with Van Veenschoten
(L-R) Van Veenschoten, Johnny Robinson,
Tommy Terrell & Eddie Terrell

In 1961 Tommy Terrell, Eddie Terrell and Johnny Robinson formed The Ramblers, a rock and roll band that played the current hits of the 60's. Those hits are now rock and roll classics and are still played authentically by the Ramblers today.

Early Ramblers photo with new members Van Veenschoten & Chip Sanders
(L-R) Chip Sanders, Chris Convey, Johnny Robinson,
Tommy Terrell & Van Veenschoten

The band added lead guitarist Van Veenschoten, keyboardist Chip Sanders, and replaced college bound Eddie Terrell with Chris Convey on bass guitar. The band enjoyed 10 years of popularity around the Southeast entertaining the teenagers of the 60's. The Ramblers were regulars at high school and college dances, debutante parties, and cotillions. Radio personalities Duke Rumore and Dave Roddy booked the band often at their weekend armory sock hops.

The Rambler Reunion Band

Rembler Reunion Band

In 1979, the band regrouped as The Rambler Reunion Band adding Jim Burford on lead guitar to replace Van who died in a motorcycle accident in 1972. Chip moved out of state and was replaced by John Livingston on keyboards. Eddie rejoined the band to replace Chris who also moved out of state. During the 80's and 90's the band continued working around the southeast entertaining at events with their 60's music.

Currently the Rambler Reunion Band entertains at wedding receptions, reunion parties, company parties, club dances, and most any event that requires authentic 60's rock and roll music.

Pictured are 8 of 10 various members over 50 years, at an honorary brunch
prior to induction into the Birmingham Music Club Hall of Fame on August 19, 2012.
Front Row L-R: Chip Sanders, Victoria Hallman Traver, John Robinson &
John Livingston. Back Row: Jim Burford, Tommy Terrell, Ed Terrell, and accepting for his father, the late Van Veenschoten, Martin Chill (Veenschoten).
Missing But Not Forgotten: Chris Convey & John Lee Sanders.